A&R REFRIGERATION SYSTEM, INC: We install, repair and maintenace commercial and residential Refrigeration Systems and Air Conditioning Systems


We have been proudly serving the Los Angeles County, Orange County and the Inland Empire for over 10 years. You can count on A&R REFRIGERATION SYSTEM, INC. to provide high quality service and affordable rates, with over 10 years of experience in refrigeration, ventilation and air conditioning Commercial and Residential services and sales, you can rely on the expertise of our employees and are garanteed the best service, be it for a bussiness or your home A&R REFRIGERATION SYSTEM, INC. is here to serve you and your needs.


If your refrigeration system or air conditioning system is not working properly we can offer you a 'Preventive Maintanence Program' or a Tune Up to keep your system runnig smoothly.


To find more information about the advantages of our energy-efficient Refrigeration and HVAC systems click the link. We are here to serve you!

Our product range has grown to meet today's ever-changing demands, continuously adopting the latest energy efficient technology. We offer both installation and repair service for refrigeration systems, air conditioning and heating systems. Quality maintenance is important to extend the life and performance of your refrigeration, heat and AC units.

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Rebates and Incentives

Replacing or upgrading your air conditioning can mean big savings on your bill over time, but you can also take advantage of our incentives. Install or optimize a qualifying air conditioning system and get up to $1,100 in rebates.